Real Estate Investment

Al Saada

Al Saada or Happiness is a unique real estate product developed to rehabilitate architecturally significant buildings in Abu Dhabi to its original elegance.

This product is characterized by its efficiency to rehabilitate and preserve properties which results to a profitable outcome.

Al Saada is designed to transform properties into contemporary edifices which bring modern Arabic touches to the city. Al Benaa uses the highest international standards in renovating infrastructures while ensuring the quality of its tenants. Additionally, Al Benaa provides superiority in property management in maintaining each property through its team of highly-skilled experts.

The company also contributes to the historical conservation of each property by means of preserving the significant Arabian heritage concerned.

Al Benaa & Owner share building income on reducing balance basis for short investment period.

Defence Building

Defence BuildingAmong the array of state-of-the-art residential buildings built by Al Benaa i s the Defense Building located in Al Nahyan Area.

The building maintains quality lifestyle with its elegant living spaces and facilities.

Al Benaa maintains superior management in the residential development with a 24-hour security on location and a personalized service person which caters to the needs of the residents.


Tawafuq or Compatibility is a specialized product for the rehabilitation and investment of buildings through a mixed-method implementation and development.

Al Benaa uses the finest materials that are accordant with the plan and the infrastructure.

Al Benaa is characterized by its finesse in the work quality carried out to rehabilitate properties to a modern form. The company also selects property tenants and maintenance team that best fit the criteria in efforts to ensure and maintain the quality of the property.

In turn, Al Benaa maintains a strong partnership with landlords in accordance to the respective agreement, contributing to the generation of income regardless of the market fluctuations and occupancy rate of the property.

Agreed Rental Amount defines the investment period.

Khalidiya Tower

Khalidiya TowerKhalidiya Tower is one of Al Benaa’s prime contributions to the rehabilitation and management of residential and commercial buildings in Abu Dhabi.

Khalidiya Tower now stands out for its architectural modernity and sophistication within the industrious street of Khalidiya.


Building safe and strong relation with landlord, through leasing property on wholesale and renting it out on retail.

Al Benaa financial strength will provide secured and safe income to landlord beside the outstanding facility management activities.

Golden Tower

Golden TowerIt's located in the Tourist Club area and on Salam Street and is considered one of the most lively streets as it is close to the facilities, shopping centers and Abu Dhabi Corniche.

Al Dhaen Tower

Al Dhaen TowerIt’s located on Airport road near Al Wahda mall, and is considered one of the main contributions of the company to manage residential and commercial buildings in the city. It is also close to active areas and shopping centers.