Real Estate Investment

Al Benaa Real Estate Investment

Al Benaa maintains the highest quality of services in developing real estate properties in UAE, in order to achieve a great return on investment for both partners and investors.

The process of development enables the company to identify investment opportunities through comprehensive feasibility studies to guarantee a positive return on investment.

The company takes into consideration the client’s long term goals as a basis in evaluating and reviewing projects.

Al Benaa utilizes project management services from multinational engineering firms in the region.

The company supervises all stages of each development through its highly-skilled team to establish the level of commitment that the company brings in its work.

Client and investor relationship plays an integral role in the company’s efforts to deliver outstanding results.


AL Benaa provides leasing service for all types of residential and commercial properties - apartments, villas, offices and shops.

AL Benaa owns and manages a range of high quality properties with various features that suit everyone.

Property Management and Investment

Al Benaa’s project management services are facilitated by a multidisciplinary approach to ensure a proactive management system across all assets.

In partnership with local and international companies, each residential and commercial properties managed by Al Benaa incorporates standardized services such as operations and maintenance management, tenancy management and leasing management.

The company conducts regular status reporting, with property and investment enhancement proposals to identify potential issues and deliver unique solutions in efforts to reduce real estate investment risks.