We are committed to provide world-class quality in our General Maintenance products and services to our customers while operating in a manner that responsibly protects the environment and the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and communities in which we work.

This is accomplished by:
• Setting and monitoring quality & EHS objective to improve product quality, "employees health & safety" and reduce adverse environmental impacts.
• Raising quality & EHS awareness of all employees and customers and provide appropriate resources to implement and maintain our policy.
• Committing to compliance with applicable regulatory and other requirement.
• Conserving natural resources through pollution prevention, energy conservation, and waste minimization.

Quality Policy

• To achieve sustained and profitable growth in the area of trading and company representation, fire and gas protection, air conditioning works, electro-mechanical contracting , facilities maintenance, civil contracting and telecommunication.
• Deliver products and services of outstanding quality , consistent with customer requirements and applicable codes/standards with the aim of full customer satisfaction.
• Work towards continuous improvement in every functional area.
• Develop, implement and maintain a quality management system as per the requirements of the ISO 9001-2008 standard.
• Ensure full commitment of all employees to the implementation of the quality management system.
• Achieve customer's satisfaction thereby improving the business of the organization.
• Ensure quality in all activities thereby to develop confidence in the operation.

HSE Policy

It is the policy of ABASH-FM to conduct their business with strict consideration to health, safety and environment for employees and others who come into contact during the performance of their business. ABASH-FM activities give primary consideration to the protection and preservation of environment including natural resources, flora and fauna. To achieve this end:

• ABASH-FM holds Management, Supervisors and Staff at all levels accountable and responsible for HSE issues.
• ABASH-FM spreads awareness of their policy both within the organization, suppliers and other interested parties.
• ABASH-FM provides appropriate HSE training for employees and contractors when necessary.
• ABASH-FM adapts good working practices in HSE in all their contracting.
• ABASH-FM resolves to implement an effective management systems.
• ABASH-FM consists of check review and continuous improvement.
• ABASH-FM ensures that hazards are identified and at appropriate controls and procedures. Emergency response capabilities are in place and to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis as necessary.
• ABASH-F.M ensures compliance with all UAE health, safety and environment (HSE) laws and regulations that apply to its activities.

Health, Safety and Environmental Management System-HSEMS HSEMS hierarchy followed by:
• ABASH-FM Elimination, minimization, protection and maintenance.

HSEMS Process:
• Designating a senior executive of ABASH-FM as the HSE representative empowered to take independent decisions and allotment of resource requirement related to HSE matters.
• Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA) of our activities and following the HSEMS hierarchy.
• Establishing procedures as required for effective planning, operation and control over HSE elements.
• Documenting procedures/work methods based on the competence of people and the extent of risk involved.
• Providing effective training to those at risk.
• Interacting with related organizations for updating the latest trends and practices in HSE workplace.
• Periodically auditing the system to ensure that objectives and targets are being achieved as planned.
• Conducting HSE management reviews at planned intervals to assess the effectiveness of the implemented system and approve improvement decisions as required.