About Us
A creative, innovative company in a dynamic industry
Al Benaa was established in 2006 by a group of prominent national investors with unparalleled track records in private sector investment, management and business development. Al Benaa aims to be a leader in Abu Dhabi’s real estate market turnkey solutions. These include commercial and residential properties, education, health, hospitality, communities, catering for the elderly and those with disability. Al Benaa also provides housing and other facilities for low income groups

Al Benaa’s strategy is based on three fundamental components:
  • Partnerships and associations with global leaders
  • Strategic analysis and evaluation
  • Using best internationally recognised project management and investment practices

The company seeks to contribute to the commercial and social development of Abu Dhabi and the UAE, by:
  • Investing in new ventures
  • Creating wealth for investors and shareholders
  • Preserving the environment and committing to the enhancement of workplace health and safety
  • Providing unique and rewarding career opportunities for Emirati Nationals

Integrated solutions for investors and property owners
Al Benaa is a fully integrated real estate investment, development and management company, offering services from concept to realization and ongoing support to meet clients need.

Property management markets in Abu Dhabi and the UAE have changed considerably during the past decade. As structures become more sophisticated, and systems and components are automated, real estate management becomes increasingly specialised. Therefore, when outsourcing property management, facility owners look for technical expertise and experience in addition to traditional requirements such as good client relationship management, integrity and reliability.

Al Benaa is well positioned to meet these needs and to anticipate changes in customer requirements. Its network of partners and suppliers gives clients access to fully qualified and equipped teams, led by experienced managers.