Real Estate Development
"From concept to handover – Al Benaa is with you at every step"
In building new properties in Abu Dhabi, Al Benaa emphasises highest quality in services, financial strength and return on investment for its investors and partners.

The development process starts by identifying and screening opportunities. Feasibility studies and business cases are prepared in-house and by reputable third parties. Investors’ profiles are considered, and their long-term aims are used as a baseline for project and programme evaluation.

Project management services are sourced from multinational engineering firms and premier local and regional firms. Al Benaa directs, oversees and monitors project phases, ensuring that the commitments of initial appraisals and baselines are met.

In all our projects, communications with our clients is a priority and investors are informed and involved in each phase. Regular stakeholder reporting, meetings and conferences make investment in Al Benaa’s developments a positive experience.

"Identifying and delivering opportunities for outstanding return on investment"
Investment is Al Benaa’s largest core business. It is focused on the purchase and sale of existing land, properties and any profitable real estate project, in UAE. Al Benaa targets the following types of investments:
  • Commercial and residential developments
  • Educational – school, college and university properties
  • Healthcare – specialised and mixed facilities
  • Hospitality- resorts and combined residential buildings
  • Entertainment – theme parks, sports facilities, malls and other concepts
Al Benaa’s investment strategy for the UAE is based on partnering with local and international investors. The company’s role is to promote local investment opportunities and evaluate others against investor needs, profiles and requirements.

Al Benaa is thus the ideal entry point partner for international firms and individuals seeking access to the UAE’s booming real estate sector, bringing regional business, economic, and social expertise to partnerships and joint venture alliances.

Of particular relevance to investors in the GCC region and across the Middle East is Al Benaa’s access to Islamic financing products and services.
Property And Facility Management
"Security, safety and satisfaction – Al Benaa and its partners bring you peace of mind."
Al Benaa currently manages some of the UAE’s largest and most attractive properties, serving major public and private sector organisations. Using a multidisciplinary approach, Al Benaa’s facilities managers combine care and attention to day-to-day matters with planning and long-range forecasting, delivering customer satisfaction and optimal return on investment. Tenants benefit from clean, safe and dependable environments.

Al Benaa’s property management services provide:
  • Operations and maintenance management, including planning, sourcing and contract management
  • Tenancy management
  • Leasing management
  • Property and investment enhancement proposals
  • Regular status reporting
To carry out its functions more effectively, Al Benaa has entered into partnership with leading international company in the field of Property and Facility Management.